When would we become the citizen?

When would we become the citizen?

Posted on: Fri, 10/30/2020 - 17:02 By: admin

I am not going to analyze various theories related to citizenship. Students of class 9th and 10th are taught a book called ‘Democratic Politics’. The book has two parts. Part one is for class 9th and part 2 is for class 10th. Total there are 14 chapters, including both the books. A chapter of the book mentions that We need a transition from Subject to Citizenship. It has been further explained that Subjects have permanent Loyalty and the citizens are not Loyal to a person, a party or to a government. They form their opinion based on the merit of the policy. They are independent to appreciate or criticize a policy. They may appreciate a policy of the government and they may criticize the other policy of the same government.

In last few days, I could see a virtual war going on in social media. Unfortunately, this is Subject Vs Subject. One group of loyal is against the government’s decision to ban on the note with the higher denomination and another group of loyal is in favor of this. The only voice missing from this vast crowd of educated youth of India is “The voice of the citizen” . Who might appreciate the policy decision and at the same time would acknowledge the inconvenience of the people. There are gangs who either see the inconvenience or the revolution.

Don’t hesitate to be the citizen, don’t measure everything with the same scale. If you are the supporter of the government, you become blind to see the wrong policies and if you are the opponents you become deaf to hear anything good about it. We are ordinary people, most of us are not the part of any political parties. What prevents us from becoming independent in terms of our political opinion.
I do support the move of the government to ban the currency of the higher denomination. I do criticize the same government for the political use of arms forces, for their softness on radical Hindutva forces and for various other things. I have voted against the previous government for their alleged involvement in corruption. I have a deep regard for their path-breaking legislation Like RTI , RTE, and MANREGA. I am huge supporter of Delhi government’s education and healthcare reform. I do criticize their over expenditure on self-promotion and the politics of opportunism.

Space is already shrinking for the voice of common man. The mythical common man has only become the shield for most of the political parties. Behind which they hide their ugly face. You might have heard a politician asking for 24 hours relaxation from this ban so that he can save the common man. It’s the height of hypocrisy. The party which ruled the country for more than half century, couldn’t open the bank account to even a quarter of the population. The leader of the party is in the queue of the ATM to show the solidarity. Another party which has the origin from the struggle against corruption, today showing solidarity with the corrupt.

This is the high time when the ordinary people need to claim their own voice. Don’t let it become the voice of a political party. There is a rising trend that when you complain against a party, the power of your voice is immediately discounted by simply leveling the charge that You are from the opposition party. Be the Citizen, claim the power of your Voice.